Waveney Surf Life Saving Club


1. NAME 

The name of The Club shall be ‘Waveney Surf Life Saving Club’ (hereinafter called “The Club”). 



The Aim of the Club is to save life, whether by prevention or by rescue, from the sea. 


To achieve this, the Club will: 

a) Promote the water safety aspect of all beach activities and saving lives in the sea. 

b) Develop beach life saving methods in all their respects and give the opportunity for members to gain internationally recognised beach rescue awards, first aid qualifications and SLSGB / RLSS recognised awards. 

c) Offer coaching and competitive opportunities in Surf Life Saving. 

d) Comply with regulations of Surf Life Saving Great Britain (hereinafter called “The Association”). 

e) Work in the closest possible manner with all other bodies and organisations whose work is conducive to the aim of the club. 

F) To promote the club within the local community and The Association. 

g) Offer a safe and inclusive environment that promotes healthy lifestyles for the benefit of all. 


The Club shall be affiliated to The Association, or another Governing bodies if required. 

Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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To ensure all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment. Membership should consist of officers and members of the club. All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of practice that the club has adopted via The Association and in The Clubs Normal operating procedures and Emergency Action Plan. 

The Club shall have and maintain a list of current members with minimum requirements being enforced before activities in the club take place. Members will be enrolled in one of the following categories: 

Nipper member 7-12/13 

Youth Member 12/13-17 

Senior member 18 plus 

Social member 18 plus 

Membership age is classed as actual age and not competition age. Nipper and youth shall maintain status until the next membership renewal i.e nipper to youth, youth to senior. 

The committee shall decide which categories of membership shall be open each year. 


Membership fees to be paid in full before participation in club activities. 

A membership form to have been completed and to have been accepted by the Executive Committee (hereinafter called “The Committee”). 

A medical questionnaire form completed and to have been accepted by the Committee. 

All members must be able to swim 50meters unaided using a forward facing stroke to gain membership status (void for social members). 

All members must also be individual members of The Association and must provide their membership number to The Club for record keeping and to be checked yearly. Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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An enhanced DBS check for all members of the committee and coaches as per SLSGB safeguarding policy. 

The committee can award members ‘life membership’ to the club if they deem the member to have made a significant contribution over the long term. This decision shall be made by the committee at any time or after 25 years of service. 

People under 18 years of age must obtain their parents or guardians written permission to join the club before applying for membership. The parent or guardian should then complete the membership applications forms on behalf of the child. 

Any returning member whose subscription remains unpaid for the period of three consecutive months or by the first day in April will forfeit all rights to membership and any interest in the property or assets of the club. 

Members shall not be obliged to partake in any club activity. 

Acceptance of membership shall be at the discretion of the committee, however, other person(s) authorised by the committee may make recommendations as to the applicants’ acceptability / refusal. The committee shall not be required to give reasons for the refusal of any application for membership. 


Membership fees will be set annually and agreed by the Committee and determined at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter called “AGM”). 

Fees will be paid to the treasurer and cover from January 1st to December 31st

Any member or potential new member may approach the Committee in writing in respect of their socioeconomic background in regards to club fees. 

Any member resigning will not be eligible for repayment of any part of membership paid. 

4. Equality 

The Club is fully committed to the principles of the equality of opportunity. 

Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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No participant, volunteer, job applicant or employee of The Club will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, parental or marital status, religious belief, social class or sexual preference than any other. 

The Club will ensure that there is open access for all those who wish to participate in the activities of The Club, in whatever capacity and that they are treated fairly. This may be limited by any requirements under law or Governing body regulations. 

The Club recognises its legal obligations not to discriminate and will regard discrimination by any employee, participant or volunteer as grounds for disciplinary action under the relevant club rules. 

5. Risk and Welfare 

Members accept that Surf Life Saving activities have a danger of personal injury or death. 

Members should be responsible for their own actions and involvement and must accept their duty of care to other club members and others as described in law. 

Persons taking part in club activities who are not over 18 must agree to the participation statement and have a participation agreement signed by a parent or guardian. 

The Club recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults who are in membership of The Club. The Club will aim to provide good quality Surf Life Saving in a safe environment by adopting the procedures and working practices of The Association. 

6. Running of the Club 


The Committee shall consist of at least a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, the committee shall have a Safeguarding officer, Training officer and a Patrol Captain. Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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Any additional non-executive posts that are deemed necessary by the Committee should be proposed and appointed at the AGM, reporting to the Committee at their request. 

Fully paid senior members having attained the age of 18 may be elected and serve on the Committee. 

Job Profiles of The Committee and Non-executive posts can be found in the Normal operating procedure’s appendix. 

Election of the Committee 

Members of The Committee must be elected at an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (hereinafter called “EGM”)., as described below. Current committee members may stand for re-election. 

Elections will be performed by members present at the AGM by simple majority voting. 

People to be elected to stand on the committee must indicate their willingness to do so in writing to the Secretary no later than fourteen days prior to the AGM or EGM. 

If one of the key roles is not filled, then this may be left open for a maximum of four months from the date of the AGM, with other members of the committee filling in for that role. 

Any member willing to take the role may then be promoted to that missing key role member of the committee without a vote. If the role is not filled the current member of the committee will continue filling that role until the next AGM or EGM. 

Each member of the Committee will retire bi-annually but are eligible for re- appointment at the AGM. 

Should any Committee member wish to resign their post during their term of office they may do so by writing to the club Secretary. 

Should the resignation mean that the Committee number is less than four, then the Committee should offer the post to the general membership. 

An EGM should be held within thirty days of the post becoming vacant to elect the replacement Committee member. Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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Committee general 

The Committee shall meet at least four times in the year and the Secretary will convene all meetings. 

The quorum necessary for the Committee meetings shall be three. 

The secretary must give all committee members seven days’ notice before a committee meeting takes place with an agenda to follow before the meeting. 

The Committee shall be responsible for interpreting the Club Constitution in relation to the operation of The Club’s affairs. 

Responsibility for all property owned or leased by The Club rests with the Committee. 

Normal operating procedures/ Emergency Action Plan 

This document will support the running of the club’s daily activities and must be adhered to. Suggestions of change must be made to the committee and changes will be voted on in the committee’s discretion. 

7. The AGM 

The Club shall hold an AGM in March of each year and the location decided by the committee. 

All adult members will be invited to the AGM with a reasonable notice period of at least 21 days. 

Other interested parties may be invited to the AGM. 

Only senior members are eligible to vote at the AGM. 

Meeting Agenda should include details of all proposals and nominee’s for Committee posts and sent out at least seven days prior to the AGM. 

The Secretary or other person specially appointed by the Committee, shall keep a full and accurate record of proceedings at such meeting 

A statement will be given by the Treasurer of accounts, The Committee and other officers shall fill a report, before standing down bi-anally and elections taking place. 

Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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The quorum for AGMs will be five people. 

Proposals requiring a change to the Constitution of the Club need to be passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting. 

Other matters may be considered and voted on by the members at an AGM but this must be submitted to the Secretary no later than fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

In the event of equal votes being cast, the Chair shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberate vote. 

Extraordinary General Meetings

Should there be a need; the committee may hold an EGM with the same powers as an AGM. 

A group of no fewer than Five adult members may also ask the Committee to hold an EGM and this should be done as soon as reasonably practicable, but with a minimum notice period of 21 days. 

The reason for the holding or an EGM must be communicated to all members. 

8. Finance 

All monies raised by, or on behalf of The Club shall be applied to further the aims and objectives of The Club. 

The Club Treasurer is responsible for collecting membership subscriptions and maintaining the financial accounts of The Club detailing all income received and expenditure made. 

The financial year of The Club starts on 1st January and ends 31st December. 

The funds of The Club shall be lodged at a bank or building society in an account in the name of The Club. 

The funds can only be accessed and used on discretion of the committee for the purpose of improving or/and acquiring facilities, equipment, affiliation, training and assessing of courses. 

Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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Funds can be used for daily costs and expenses of trainers, coaches and assessors on the committee’s discretion. 

9. Altering the Constitution 

The constitution may be altered at an AGM or EGM, with all modifications requiring acceptance by the present members by a two thirds majority vote. Proposals of alterations must be handed to the secretary no later than 14 days prior to an AGM / EGM. 

10. Disciplinary Process and Appeals 

The Committee shall have the authority to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member of The Club and the discretion to terminate membership if any person is found guilty of conduct deemed detrimental to The Club. 

Complaints against the behaviour members must be made in a durable medium to the Club Secretary. 

The Committee will meet to hear complaints within 21 days of a complaint being lodged. 

A member may be accompanied by a ‘friend’ at a disciplinary hearing as long as the Committee is informed in advance in any durable medium with at least 24 hours notice. 

Outcomes of disciplinary processes will be conveyed to the members concerned by writing within 14 days of the hearing. 

Should a disciplinary issue involve the Welfare of a child or vulnerable adult then the Governing Body Welfare Officer will be informed, as well as the Police as required, this will lead to the member being suspended until the issue is resolved. 

All individuals have the right of Appeal to any disciplinary decision made by the Committee. 

Any request made for an Appeal Hearing should be made to either the Secretary or Chairperson within 14 days of the Disciplinary decision. 

Document Name – Constitution Date – September 2019 Author – Louise Nunney Version – 2 

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An Appeal Hearing should be convened within 14 days of the request for an Appeal being submitted. 

An Appeal Hearing should be convened by a member of the Committee and no more than two additional Club members who are independent of the original Disciplinary Hearing and subsequent decision. 

Any member whose membership is terminated shall not be eligible for any refund of any membership fees paid. 

Dissolution of the Club 

The Club will be dissolved if there are too few members to fill the key committee roles. 

The Club may also be dissolved at an EGM by a two thirds majority of members present. 

Should the Club need to be dissolved then any monies left over, after all debts have been paid, held by The Club shall be given to the affiliated Governing Body to do with what they so wish. 

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